The Unforgettable Smile of my Residence Tutor / RT 一笑很傾城

What? You ask me whether RT is edible or not? No-no-no, you should know what RT is when you come to stay with us in the CityU Student Residence. RT stands for “Residence Tutor”. Every floor in each hall has at least one Residence Tutor, whom we call Hall Tiu (呵挑) in Cantonese. You think that RT is someone who age like uncle,with a cool face and only responsible for ordering … Continue reading The Unforgettable Smile of my Residence Tutor / RT 一笑很傾城


Flick off Those Homesick Blues / 想家愁緒通通走

It was already late in the afternoon, and I was still rolling around my bed with a heavy body; I could have easily blamed the weather and the whole new atmosphere for my sickness but there was something more. Homesickness. That thing that I labeled as a myth finally caught up with me and proved itself. No matter how much I had anticipated this new … Continue reading Flick off Those Homesick Blues / 想家愁緒通通走

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New roommate? New hall life! / 新室友?新生活!

New semester is starting soon. Are you excited to meet your new roommate? After a year living in Hall 4, I can tell you that those times were the best part in my U-life! You can also create your own memories! First of all, foooooooood… Friendship can always be bonded over food. Buying ingredients from markets nearby after class, then cooking your signature dishes in the common room can get you … Continue reading New roommate? New hall life! / 新室友?新生活!

[Vivo in RIO]【活在里約】

VIVO in RIO By: Julianne DIONISIO (Lee Shau Kee Hall) Rio de Janeiro, a city that lies in the midst of protruding headlands and beaches of Brazil. Its streets, a marriage between modern and Portuguese colonial architecture, sprout beside the lush green forests and sparkling waters of South Atlantic Ocean. Rio is the first south American city where the Olympics will be held; and third in the … Continue reading [Vivo in RIO]【活在里約】


[Long Distance Friendship] 【跨越空間的友情】

[Long Distance Friendship] By: Michelle CHIANG (Hall 10) Image: quotesgram.com   Do you have a long-distance friend?   If you are or were an exchange or international student, you will know how tough it can be, having a dear friend that you don’t see for months – some even for years.   You can go on months without meeting or speaking to these people. However, … Continue reading [Long Distance Friendship] 【跨越空間的友情】


[Hong Kong Summers: Learning to Love] 【你有沒有愛上香港的夏天】

[Hong Kong Summers: Learning to Love] By: Sadhika NANDA (Chan Sui Kau Hall) Images: LCSD The sun is strong, the air is heavy. The days are getting longer while your hair is getting shorter. Water from air conditioners is dripping down on Mongkok while you wait for the rain over in Kowloon Tong. And then, on a sweltering afternoon in June, here comes the rain! … Continue reading [Hong Kong Summers: Learning to Love] 【你有沒有愛上香港的夏天】


[A Letter to HK] 【致香港的一封信】

  [A Letter to HK] By: Michelle CHIANG (Hall 10) Image: hongwrong.com/old-hong-kong   Dear HK,   It has been 19 years. How have you been?   I heard that you have changed, a lot. There are things I love and things I hate.   I love that you have a strong sense of your own identity. You are proudly Chinese, but distinctly westernized – expressing … Continue reading [A Letter to HK] 【致香港的一封信】

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[The Glamour of Aurora] 【極光之下】

[The Glamour of Aurora] By: Clair GAO Image: Clair GAO   I went to UBC, Canada for exchange last semester. In February, I left Vancouver and went to Yellowknife with my friends to see the aurora. Aurora viewing has been on my wish list for a long time.   Yellowknife is very close to the Arctic. When we arrived, it was around – 30℃. I … Continue reading [The Glamour of Aurora] 【極光之下】

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[Say Goodbye to Mosquitos] 【和蚊子說再見】

[Say Goodbye to Mosquitos] By: Clair GAO Image: sanantonio-outdoor-renovations.com   Summer is coming.   We go hiking, go swimming and enjoy the sunshine with all our hearts. However, we are annoyed by one thing—the mosquitos. Mosquitos are everywhere and they especially like humid environments, for example, the bushes in the garden. Mosquitos have a bite on us without making any noises. We do not realize … Continue reading [Say Goodbye to Mosquitos] 【和蚊子說再見】


[Tips on Fire Safety] 【防火,從你我做起】

[Tips on Fire Safety] By: Clair GAO Image: HKET   A big fire broke out in a mini-warehouse at Ngau Tau Kok on June 21, costing two firemen’s precious lives and leaving two heartbroken families behind. The accident raises our awareness of fire safety. There are many things we can do to avoid a fire tragedy in our daily life. The followings are some tips … Continue reading [Tips on Fire Safety] 【防火,從你我做起】