Life is Incomplete without Something Sweet (生活不能缺了甜點)


Life is Incomplete without Something Sweet

By: Riddhi SUKHIA (Jockey Club Academy Hall)

It is hard to keep myself away from something sweet. As an Indian, I am usually spell-bound and spoilt for choice at a sweets shop back home. Filled with calories, these sugary delights might not be best for maintaining a good shape, but perfect for a celebration any time of the year. Some of these include gulab jamun (a round fried ball dipped in syrup), gajar halwa (a sweet dish of grated carrots), and kaju katli (diamond-shaped sweets made from cashew nuts). It is hard to pick a favorite, but I love jalebi (Ja-Lay-Bee). It’s an intensely sweet and crispy fried dish made using refined flour (also called maida) and syrup. It can be eaten hot or cold. More common in northern India, it is sometimes eaten for breakfast, along with fresh milk. If your mouth is watering already and you want to try the scrumptious pleasures Indian sweets offer, hunt for stores selling them in Hong Kong (and let me know).


文:Riddhi SUKHIA(賽馬會群智堂)

我很喜歡吃甜點。作為印度人,我經常在回家路上的糖果店裏被花多眼亂的選擇深深吸引着。 雖然這些甜點含有不少卡路里,可能不能幫你保持體型,但絕對是任何時候慶祝的最佳選擇。當中包括玫瑰蜜炸奶球gulab jamun、蘿蔔蓉布丁gajar halwa 、腰果糖kaju katli。要我在當中選出最喜歡的會有點難,但我喜歡印度糖耳朵jalebi。這是用精製麵粉(又名邁達)和糖漿做成的一種甜點,味道十分甜,而且炸得鬆脆。可以趁熱吃,也可放涼了才吃。這甜點在北印度較為普遍,有時會配上鮮奶作早餐。如果你已經垂涎欲滴,想一嚐印度甜點的美味,試試在香港找找有沒有店舖在賣(找到要告訴我啊)。

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