Martin Rojahn: Never too Young to go Back to Uni (馬丁羅恩:終身學習,永不止息)

Resident - Martin Rojahn2

Martin Rojahn: Never too Young to go Back to Uni

By: Jacobus DU PLESSIS (HSBC Prosperity Hall)
Image: Martin ROJAHN (Chan Sui Kau Hall)

A wise man once said that “it is important to not let social constructs define you.” That wise man is Martin Rojahn our Australian Chan Sui Kau Hall resident being featured this week. Undeniably the average exchange student is 20-something with barely a beard hair in sight. Martin, however, challenges these stereotypes and proves that you’re never too young to go back to Uni.

Why Hong Kong?
When Martin’s kids got older he found he was free to go back to his studies. As a student of Asian Studies at the University of Tasmania, Martin chose Hong Kong for exchange due to its geographical as well as political importance in the region.

Hall Life
Martin has embraced life in the Student Residences at CityU as an opportunity not only for meeting new people, but also as an invaluable opportunity for cultural exchange. He and his hall mates regularly go out for dinner and other social outings – hall life at CityU is definitely anything but boring!

Best & Worst of Hong Kong?
As with any new place there will always be some things that you like and some others that you, perhaps, don’t like as much. Martin says his favourite part of Hong Kong is the small and quiet places that you can go to around Hong Kong, such as the parks and the islands. Martin’s least favourite aspect of living in Hong Kong is the crowds, however he says that as an Australian who is used to big open spaces, this is more an interesting thing than a bad thing.

What’s next?
You need only speak to Martin for a few minutes to realise you are the closest you’re going to get to chatting with a real life Indiana Jones. Martin has travelled Asia extensively, including travelling in China right after its opening-up in the early 1980s. The excitement doesn’t end there though, as Martin plans on visiting North Korea (among other countries) in the near future. As with the real Indiana Jones, no one can predict what adventure Martin will go on next.



有智者曾說:「別讓社會把你定了型」。這位智者就是本週專訪對象,來自澳洲的城大陳瑞球堂宿生馬丁·羅恩(Martin Rojahn)。毫無疑問,交流生的平均年齡都是二十來歲,鮮有鬍鬚滿面。 然而,馬丁打破了這種形象,證明給大家看重回校園永遠不會太遲。




跟馬丁談上幾分鐘,你就會發現像是和現實版的印第安納·鍾斯(Indiana Jones)聊天。馬丁遊歷過亞洲許多地方,包括在八十年代初期,剛改革開放後便踏足中國。這還不夠刺激,在芸芸選擇中,馬丁計劃在不久將來會去北韓。就像真的印第安納·鍾斯,沒有人能預計馬丁下一站會到哪裏。

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