Mix of Cultures (文化熔爐)


Mix of Cultures

Image: WU Zhenli, Lily (Jockey Club Harmony Hall)

One of the biggest things that I enjoy studying in CityU is the ‘mix of cultures’. CityU showcases students from diverse cultures. The greatest advantage that I get being an International student is that I get to interact and experience the taste of the various cultures in CityU. Students from varied countries like Hong Kong, Mainland China, Korea, Taiwan, and India are the basic elements of the ‘mix of cultures’ in CityU. All the students get together in events like the “Global Party”, “Global Festival Night”, etc. and we experience the various cultures. This ‘Mix of Cultures’ not only improves our knowledge about various cultures but also is a life time experience to enjoy the flavor of the various cultures. Another important element of this Cultural Remix is that we get to learn new languages like the Cantonese, Mandarin, etc. Thus the ‘mix of cultures’ has become an inevitable part of my life as an International Student in CityU.



我在城大最享受的事情就是多種文化交融的氣氛,這裡有來自世界各地的學生,他們有異彩紛呈的文化背景。作為一名國際學生,我收穫的最大益處就是可以在城大這座文化熔爐中體驗多種文化,並與不同文化背景的同學交流。香港、中國內地、韓國、台灣和印度等國家或地區的同學們構成了城大主流的文化元素。我們大家聚在一起,參加「全球派對」、「國際節晚會」等活動,并切身體驗到不同文化的交融。在文化熔爐中,我們可以開闊視野、增長見識,把它作為自己人生中一段能參與體會多種文化的寶貴經歷 。不僅如此,我們還能學習到新的語言,比如粵語、普通話等等。因此,作為城大的一名國際生,文化交融也成為我生活中必不可少的一部份。

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