Remembering the Value of Respect (尊重他人,謹記於心)

Quotation - Respect

Remembering the Value of Respect

By: Riddhi SUKHIA (Jockey Club Academy Hall)

“I speak to everyone in the same way, whether he is the garbage man or the president of the university.”
― Albert Einstein

This quote by one of the greatest scientists in history goes to show that no matter where you come from, or how famous you might be, respect and treating people with dignity is essential for every human being.

It is important for us to realize the amount of work others do for us, and acknowledge their hard work. Workers and helpers in our university perform various jobs everyday tirelessly to look after our needs and comfort. Without them, our society will not be able to function properly. They deserve to be appreciated. A smile or a hello from us could act like a sign of respect, which will definitely help improve their day in a small but meaningful way. And if you believe in karma, then you know that you will always get back what you give, which means that if you are respectful, you will receive respect in return.


文:Riddhi SUKHIA(賽馬會群智堂)

「我同他人講話的方式,從不會因為他是撿垃圾的還是大學校長而改變。」—— 愛因斯坦



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