The Jester’s Medium


The Jester’s Medium

By: Sadhika NANDA (Hall 11)

To provoke half a laugh
Or provoke a man
To cut your smile in half
And make you hit the ceiling fan!

My job is such that it does all of the above,
Usually well-received,
At times with no luck or love.
But to just do my job is to have achieved!

Sometimes, I have to be crisp at work,
Sometimes a little dull will do.
Silence too does the job- at least I get a smirk;
Work, although, I do every day,
Especially on the ones that are blue!

I can speak every tongue,
Some sweetly, some just rough.
I am at my best when I am young:
Filled with just the freshest stuff.

You can’t imagine who I am,
Or who it is that I provoke.
I am usually light as a gram-
My name is joke!

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