Missing Food! (我的食物被偷了!)


Missing Food!

By: Dheeraj RAJA KUMAR (Hall 11)
Image: imgarcade.com

It was not until one pack of carrots (1kg) was missing from the fridge, did I realize how others felt when they had lost their possessions. Well, we get mad not only because it’s stolen but also for the fact that we cannot prepare the meal without it. Or that I’ll not be able to have my favorite ice cream or those eggs that had to be fried. Of course, mistakes don’t happen quite often, but they have a tendency to become a habit. If you desperately need that ingredient, it’s just a matter of few minutes: note down the room number embedded on that object, knock at that particular door with a smile (most important) and ask them if they could lend it to you. Such a request doesn’t go unattended. We are thus fostering a sense of sharing and true friendship.


文:Dheeraj RAJA KUMAR(舍堂十一)

要是我的胡蘿蔔沒有被偷,我也不可能了解到瞬間失去寶物的滋味。我生氣,不止是因為我的食材被偷,而是無法烹調出我精心籌備的佳餚。那瞬間想吃冰淇淋或煎蛋卻因為缺乏被盜的食材而無力完成是非常沮喪的。 相同的,食賊惡劣的行為將可能變成一種喜愛偷取他人食物的習慣。所以,當你也急需那無端消失的材料,請保持文明:你可以將在櫃子或冰箱裡食材上的房號記下,再以微笑訪問物主並索取使用該食材的同意。人之常情,這種情況不止加深對彼此的信任,分享的喜悅更可開拓真正的友情。

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