A Bite of CityU (搜尋城大美食)

A Bite of CityU

By: HU Jingya (HSBC Prosperity Hall)

Canteens are our first choice when we want to get something to eat on campus. Not only are those restaurants convenient for us, but also prices there are friendlier to us. So what’s your favorite dish on campus?

Personally, pizzas in AC3 are most appealing to me! The thin crust is baked to a little crispy with different kinds of toppings, and you can share it with several friends and enjoy your meals together!

Other two dishes you cannot miss are burger with French fries and Japanese cuisine in AC2! Burger with French fries is made in an authentically American way. And the dessert in Japanese cuisine is absolutely worth trying.

If you just want to grab some simple food to fill your stomach at the moment, Caser roll in Garden Café is at your choice!

However, different people may have different tastes. So just go to find your No.1 food in CityU! (http://www.cityu.edu.hk/international/support_catering.htm)






如果你想嚐一些小食,Garden Café的凱薩雞肉捲是不錯的選擇!


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