A Wonderful Night of Music (美妙的音樂之夜)


A Wonderful Night of Music

By: HO Cheuk Yin, Jasper (Hall 10)
Images: CHAN Chun Hei, Dan (Hall 10) and Kelvin LAM

The Joint Hall Open Jam Night was successfully held by Hall 10 on 2 March 2015. A total of ten musicians from different residence halls performed in Multi-Function Hall B, including two special guests, Jun CHAN and YUE Baochuan (HSBC Prosperity Hall).

This meaningful event attracted over fifty audience to come and enjoy the night. The special guests gave rise to the atmosphere of the audiences at the beginning, which stimulated different types of performances like soft guitar solo and rock songs jammed drums and guitar. Apart from Western performances with guitars and drums, we were glad to see a traditional Chinese music performance with a woodwind instrument which led to a mixed culture during the music night.

Some performers even found their new partners there and jammed and played together without any practice before, they exchanged contacts and formed a new band for the singing contest later on, all because of this wonderful night. We are looking forward to another music event which can gather a group of people who are with great enthusiasm in music and share their passions to other residents.


圖:陳俊希(舍堂十)及Kelvin LAM




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