Words I’ll Never Forget (最重要的五個品質)

Words I’ll Never Forget

By: HU Jingya (HSBC Prosperity Hall)

My family have told me tons of “you must” and “you cannot” since I was little. They repeated their preaching so many times that it tortured my mind every time it was mentioned. But along the way I was brought up, I found those words more and more meaningful.

The most important things I’ve learnt from being a child: kindness, diligence, politeness, honesty and tolerance.

Kindness is the source of anything else.

Diligence is to be kind to yourself. The harder you work, the more luck you’ll have.

Politeness is to be kind to others. Treat others courteously and what you get back would certainly be respect.

Honesty makes us integrated, enabling us to stand uprightly.

And tolerance endows us with the courage to bear rumor, doubt and misery.

The reason why those words are evergreen, I think, is that we can become better and better thanks to these valuable characters.











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