Curved Path in Life (人生本無分岔路)


Curved Path in Life

By: WONG Ka Lok, Steve (Hall 10)

Regret is an abstract idea that we can hardly quantize the level or amount. That usually goes “I should/shouldn’t have… rather than…”. But hey, who knows? There are full of uncertainties among the expected outcome; in short, the “better outcome” is imaginative and unreal. We are unavoidably to expect better and more, however in life, the game is fair enough to leave most of us with bunches of regrets. In dealing with regrets, we should take a new perspective towards to it, “I had no folks in the path of my journey, but several curves to make up the life.”

Practically we cannot change the past as we are human-being after all and the only goal is to live up our lives, why bother to torture yourself with uncertainties?


文:黃嘉樂 (舍堂十)


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