Not all Heroes Wear a Cape (不是所有的英雄都穿披風)


Not all Heroes Wear a Cape

By: Jacobus DU PLESSIS (HSBC Prosperity Hall)

When I hear the word “hero” I invariably think of a gigantic green man or an iron-clad rocket-boot wearing robot, but that’s just silly. Everyday life is full of heroes and we too can join their ranks if we are brave enough.

What makes a hero?

A hero does not have to do extraordinary feats to be a hero, extraordinary acts of kindness and friendliness also make heroes. By becoming involved in the various charitable societies and organisations around CityU, such as the City Youth Empowerment Project and Project WeCan, or simply by being a helpful and caring human being to those that cross your path every day, you too can be a hero.

So go out there and make a change, be a hero (spandex and cape optional)!


文: Jacobus DU PLESSIS (滙豐業昕堂)
譯: 胡靖雅 (滙豐業昕堂)





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