Hungry for Health (對健康的渴望)


Hungry for Health

By: Bhavya CHAUHAN (Hall 10)

Who hasn’t heard of the famous proverb that preaches, “When health is lost, something is lost?” Last semester was particularly kind to me, which is probably why I didn’t seem to understand the vitality of remaining healthy. At the very start of this semester an infection arrested my throat and I couldn’t hear myself—at least not without sounding remotely like a toad—for a few days. As I lay coughing up a storm in my bed, a realization hit me. Suddenly flashes of all the meals, dripping in notorious sauces, floating in oil, that I savored, hit me. Everything unhealthy I had done had come back to haunt me; here I was bed-ridden, voiceless, and without an ounce of energy. The horribly bitter aftertaste of cough syrup continues to linger in my mouth. Nothing, I know now—no ice cream sundaes, no pizzas, no instant noodles—tastes better than a healthy feeling.


文:Bhavya CHAUHAN(舍堂十)

有一句諺語這樣說道:當你失去了健康,你就隨之失去了很多東西。 我不在意身體狀況,上個學期我也沒有因此出現任何不適,因此我一直都不了解健康的重要性。但是這個學期剛開始,我就有了一些不愉快的經歷。我的咽喉感染了,除去非常模糊的類似蛤蟆的聲音外,我甚至都不能聽到自己說話。這樣的狀況持續了幾天。就在我躺在床上、咳嗽很嚴重的時候,我似乎突然意識到了這一切的原因。用餐時的場景一幕幕地浮現在眼前,蘸了醬汁又在油里煎炸的那些食物的味道狠狠地給了我一擊。我所食用過的那些不健康的食物來找我復仇了。於是現在的我病臥在床,無法出聲,毫無力氣。止咳糖漿所留下的苦澀的味道還在嘴中停留,痛苦不堪。現在我也終於明白——沒有什麼比健康更重要。聖代冰激凌、披薩、即食麵,這些食物的味道再好也比不過一個健康的身體更值得我們去珍惜。

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