NEVER “The More the Better” (何必擾人清夢)


NEVER “The More the Better”

By: WONG Ka Lok, Steve (Hall 10)
Image: LEE Laam Chuen, Nelson (Jockey Club Humanity Hall)

Noise is never “the more the better” apart from being in the LKF. However, we seldom notice how much the noise we produce is disturbing others unintentionally. To be practical, how much noise is too much? It varies in different situations like during daytime and quiet hours, summer time and exam periods. Residents are expected to make no disturbing noises during the quiet hours (11PM-7AM), as someone may have early classes or work in the following day. Disturbing noises refer its effect to others. As a university student, we should be able to tell how much volume is bothering to others.

Imagine sleeping in a casino. It won’t be enjoyable, right? Let’s flip the time back when parents wouldn’t allow us to make bombing noises in the midnight at home because it might bother them or the neighbours. Though the new environment we have here is filled with energetic lives, we still have neighbours and they don’t like to be disturbed all the time.


文:黃嘉樂 (舍堂十)

聲浪過大輕則令人心煩,影響他人休息,重則令人頭痛苦惱。雖則宿舍生活多姿多彩,但某些時候同學都要注意一下自己的聲浪,例如午夜時份放聲起哄在密密麻麻的十一座宿舍之間則最為「應聲」,也是最難以接受的噪音。將時間一撥到在家中的日子,家人總不會鼓勵大家在深夜高呼,原因是會影響家人或鄰居休息。如將「影響他人」列作前設,作為大學生的我們將心比己便不難知道自己的聲浪會否擾人清夢又或溫習。宿舍內沒有父母家人監督,但都有室友、鄰居,勿將幸福築在他人的痛苦身上,也是異曲同工。 (謹記遵守宿舍「安靜時刻」:晚上十一時至上午七時

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