Korean influence in HK (香港的韓流)


Korean influence in HK

By: MIN Jiyun, Jey (Alumni Civility Hall)
Image: mikyuhkpop.blogspot.hk

Back in 2004, Hong Kong in eight-year-old girl’s eyes was absolutely a different place. Things from my home country, as far as I remember, were barely seen, talked and even liked in Hong Kong. A couple of years past, now I feel ‘Korea’ everywhere in this lovely city.  From the moment I arrive, the airport decorated with ads of Korean celebrities greet me. In hall, friends and I listen to k-pop music together and often go for Korean cuisines for dinner. K-products, Korean clothing, cosmetics and food shops are in every corner of the streets. This popularity of Korean Wave in Hong Kong, I feel, is no longer a surprise. As a Korean living in Hong Kong, I am very happy to see people love Korean culture and people. This interaction of two different cultures makes me feel Hong Kong another home.




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