You are Your Own Worst Enemy (不要成為自己最大的敵人)


You are Your Own Worst Enemy

By: CHIANG Man Ying Michelle (Hall 10)
Image: WU Zhenli, Lily (Jockey Club Harmony Hall)

“Love your enemies and be kind to them.” I believe every one of us must have heard of this saying since we were kids. This is one of the life lessons that our parents or grandparents always teach us. But you might ask – why do I have to love my enemies?

If you have an enemy, you are most likely an enemy to someone as well. At times, when you mistreat your enemy, your enemy might do the same to you. When you talk about the person behind his/her back, the person might backstab you in return. You might want to agitate your enemy, and your enemy might as well want to do the same.

When this cycle goes on and on, you are your own worst enemy. Why worth the fight then?






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