“Everything that is done in this world is done by hope.” — Martin Luther” (「在這世界上所有能完成的事,都是靠著希望而成的。」—— 馬丁·路德)


“Everything that is done in this world is done by hope.”
— Martin Luther”

By: Dheeraj RAJA KUMAR (Hall 11)
Image: Pinterest.com

Hope is about having faith in a particular aspect of life, but faith is not hope. Children are sent to schools, hoping they have a better life than their parents had. Hoping they become responsible citizens, shaping this world. To a student, hope is anticipating a good grade in a course, expecting that particular girl to glance at him, win a football match or even attend the next day’s math class. For a farmer, hope is rain. Rain brings good crops, which in turn, brings satisfaction to his family and that of the consumer. Hope is a peaceful death, in case of the old. Every species on this planet survives with hope. Hoping to reproduce, hoping to give birth to a new life. Hope is the fulcrum that balances life and hardship.

「在這世界上所有能完成的事,都是靠著希望而成的。」—— 馬丁·路德

文:Dheeraj RAJA KUMAR (舍堂十一)


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