Dress Sharp: Cut the Competition (在面試的競爭中勝出)


Dress Sharp: Cut the Competition

By: Emon Syed (Hall 10)

Image: theproactiveprofessional.com

First impression is not always the last impression, but it surely does not apply for job interviews. Along with academics, extra-curricular activities, talents, and personal qualities, interviewers will be extra cautious about how the applicants are dressed. Men should wear a dark grey or navy suit along with a long-sleeved shirt (preferably white) and a tie. Shoes should be as formal as possible (leather shoes are the safest bet), and the socks should be black or grey. Having a professional haircut, formal belt, neatly trimmed nails, classy watch, briefcase, and a fresh smell will increase one’s chances of being more likable. Women should also wear a suit along with either a long skirt or formal pants. A professional hairstyle, properly manicured nails, and light make-up and perfume will surely boost the chances of impressing the interviewers.


文:EMON Syed(舍堂十)




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