Hong Kong, Through a Foreign Lens (外國人眼裡的香港)


Hong Kong, Through a Foreign Lens

By: Sadhika NANDA (Hall 11)

Image: Sadhika NANDA (Hall 11)

It was love at first sight. It was attraction at first embrace. Her greeting alone stole my heart as she welcomed me into her unfamiliar arms. She was beautiful in every way.

And that would be what I remember of my first encounter with Hong Kong! A city I didn’t have to grow to love, for I fell in love instantly. After all, how can one help oneself? She has too much to offer: mountains beyond clouds, picturesque beaches, and above all, her incompatible, fast-paced streets, with sky-high buildings towering over its friendly inhabitants. Like a little child in a toy store, I watched those streets with intrigue day after day, during my first week. I decided, soon enough, that I wouldn’t waste a spare moment in Hong Kong.

On that note began a tradition: Exploration Tuesday! I didn’t have classes on Tuesdays, therefore I decided to discover the many facets of my new love on this day every week. Hikes, monuments, parks and restaurants- there was no end. I loved every bit of it, especially the parts where I lost my way; for I believe the best way one can find oneself is when one has an undecided destination!


文:Sadhika NANDA(舍堂十一)


圖:Sadhika NANDA(舍堂十一)


她──是我第一次拜訪的香港!這是一個我並不需要培養愛的城市,因為我已瞬間愛上她。畢竟,有誰不愛她呢?她有很多的美好:山外有雲,風景如畫的海灘;而更多的是,她獨一無二且快節奏的街道以及天高的建築 。我就像一個在玩具店裡的小孩,我的好奇心被街道上的各色各樣吸引。 我決定我肯定不會浪費在香港的每一個時刻。

由於如此我有了一套自己的傳統:週二探索!我週二沒有課,所以我決定每週二都去探尋我新歡的各方面。高山、紀念碑、公園和餐館,是無止境地探險。我享受遊覽的每一刻,尤其是我走失時; 因為我堅信,人們當有個懸而未決的目的地時才可以尋找到真正的自己!

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