Helping Man’s Best Friend (向人類最好的朋友伸出援助之手)

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Helping Man’s Best Friend

By: KAN Yuen Yee, Christine (Hall 11)
Images: KAN Yuen Yee, Christine (Hall 11)

Sometime in your life, you’ve probably stumbled upon pet shops selling adorable, month-old puppies that melt your heart. But did you ever stop to think about the ‘manufacturers’ of these puppies? On 1 April, we were proud to have Ms. Cactus MOK, Education and Training Manager of Hong Kong Dog Rescue (HKDR), a local dog-saving organization, to give a talk on dog mistreatment and abandonment in Hong Kong. “It was very eye-opening,” says Steph, a student who attended the talk. ‘”here is so much neglect and cruelty behind the ‘dog-selling’ industry that would no doubt shock you.”

The problem doesn’t stop there either. “Owing to supply and demand, dog-industries continue to flourish, creating more dogs that eventually end up in AFCD, where they are euthanized in just 4 days,” explains guest speaker, Ms. Mok. “Hong Kong Dog Rescue alone houses more than 500 dogs that are as good as any but people rarely even consider adopting as an option.” This phenomenon, along with people’s lack of commitment to their dogs, worsens the stray dog situation on a daily basis.

To help stray dogs, there are many organizations you can volunteer in as a dog-walker, groomer or socializer. Of course, promotion and donations could also help volunteer groups save more dogs. Those who donated to HKDR during our Pet Talk received an adorable dog-themed postcard as a token of appreciation. Hopefully, everyone can grasp the message of the talk and work to help all those poor dogs in need!






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