Chris Holst – Clear Your Mind of Can’t (Chris Holst——我的字典中沒有「不可能」 )

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Chris Holst – Clear Your Mind of Can’t

By: Dheeraj RAJA KUMAR (Hall 11)

Images: Chris HOLST (Hall 8)

Now a postgraduate student studying in PhD Energy and Environment, it’s surprising to learn that Christopher. C. Holst was once an exchange student at the same university and that he had witnessed the construction of AC3 building and the Creative Media Centre.

Chris is a keen rock climber. Having asked him about the reason behind his completely devoted interest in rock climbing, he answers that it taught him more than just mastering climbing skills. Hailing from Germany, Chris used to climb outdoors in the nature often before he suffered a serious spinal cord injury. He was told he could never climb again. He stayed indoors for months, which affected his mind and body.

An acupuncturist advised Chris that in order to stay alive, he needs to exercise regularly. It’s amusing that in the past, he was told he could never climb again but presently he’s advised to exercise to stay alive. His friends have proved to be an invaluable source of motivation for him. He started climbing again and found himself recovering from the injury. “It’s all in the mind,” he said, “Nothing is impossible.” His passion for rock climbing stems from the fact that he learns new skills and techniques every time he goes climbing, be it indoors or out in the nature. His love for life and learning is ever so strong as he shared with us, “A day gone without learning anything new is a day wasted”.

Chris is now serving a residence tutor in Hall 8. Being a person of strong-will, he is a good example who proves that “mind can either be a beautiful servant or a dangerous master”.

Chris Holst——我的字典中沒有「不可能」

文:Dheeraj RAJA KUMAR(舍堂十一)


圖:Chris Holst(舍堂八)

作為一名現在就讀於城市大學能源與環境學院的博士生,Christopher. C. Holst曾經是本校的交換生,他見證了學術樓(三)和邵逸夫創意媒體中心的建造。

Chris 是一位狂熱的攀岩愛好者。當被問到他對攀岩何以有如此強烈的興趣時,他的回答是,這項運動不僅僅讓他掌握到攀岩的技能。生於德國的Chris 常常在戶外攀岩,直到他受到嚴重的脊椎損傷。他被告知自己再也不能攀岩了。而呆在家裡的那幾個月,讓他的身心都受到影響。

一位針灸醫師建議Chris,如果想繼續活下去,就需要規律地運動。這有些讓人啼笑皆非:就在不久前,Chris 才剛被告知他將永遠失去再次攀岩的能力;然而現在,他卻被建議通過做運動而活命。Chris 的朋友成爲了他無價的動力之源。他重新開始了攀岩運動,並發現他逐漸從傷痛中康復。「這全憑意志。」他說:「憑著信念,一切皆有可能。」

Chris 對於攀岩的熱情源自於一個事實,即不管是在室內還是室外,他在每一次的攀爬過程中都會學到新的技巧。當他與我們分享時,他對生命和學習誠摯的愛從來沒有這樣強烈過:「如果這一天你沒有學到新的知識,那這一天就是白白浪費掉了。」

現在,Chris 是舍堂八的一名宿舍導師。作為一個意志力堅強的人,他是下面這句諺語的最佳印證:「你的心靈有兩種選擇,要麼做一個美麗的奴僕,要麼成為一個危險的主人。」

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