[Keep Calm and Take Exams]【保持冷靜 笑對考試】

just breathe

[Keep Calm and Take Exams]

By: TANG Tsz Kwan, Julie (Jockey Club Humanity Hall)
Image: http://www.theprospect.net

The end of semester is approaching! What is coming next? Holiday? Reunion with friends? A wonderful trip? Oh wait…before all the marvelous plans, there is still one thing to go – the EXAM. Suddenly, the word vanish all the joy. What come instead are panic, anxiety, headache and rapid heartbeat. You moan to yourself. Why didn’t I pay attention in class? Why didn’t I start revision earlier? If such symptoms occur every time before the exams and they even affect your performance, you’ve probably got exam anxiety. But no worries, below is a “STAR” for you to tackle them.

S – Schedule
Plan a study schedule for your revision. Give yourself a target every day to finish your whole revision gradually. An organized schedule can make your work more effective. You will also feel more rewarding when seeing yourself achieving the goal day by day.

T – Talk to yourself positively
You are more stupid then others? Nothing can help saving your GPA? Stop thinking this way! Be more positive. You always have chances to do better next time. Failing an exam is never the end of the world.

A – Adopt exam-taking strategies
Get enough sleep and arrive the exam venue a bit earlier. You will feel better when you are not in rush. Read the instructions carefully and highlight the key points. It helps you to avoid unnecessary mistakes.

R – Relax
Facing exams, relaxation may be luxurious. Take a short break between revisions can help you do better. A few deep breaths can also drive away your pressure.

Actually, exam is just a small part of your academic life. Attitude is the key of everything. Face it with a smile and you’ll find it not as horrible as you think.

Reference: http://www.cityu.edu.hk/sds/home/service/pc/Exam%20Anxiety_web.htm

【保持冷靜 笑對考試】


學期快完結了,接下來就是期待已久的假期。已經想好假期要做甚麽了嗎? 和好友聚舊,到外地旅遊,只是想想已經很愉快吧。慢著!享受悠長假期之前,還有件事要做——考試。呃…… 考試? 想起這兩個字,已經感到驚慌、焦慮、頭痛、心跳加速…… 為甚麼我不專心上課?為甚麼我不早點開始溫習?如果每次考試前你都遇到以上癥狀,甚至影響到你的表現,那你很有可能患上考試焦慮了。別擔心,以下是一些解決方法。







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