Our Unseen Inspirations (看不見的靈感)


[Our Unseen Inspirations]

By: Bhavya CHAUHAN (Hall 10)

Image: honestlylibby.wordpress.com

Inspirations are perhaps the most efficient shapers. Often, we muse on a piece of art or reflect on a song, trying to understand its hidden motifs. Sometimes, simply witnessing a kind gesture is all it takes for us to extract the hidden kindness within ourselves. I can’t help but wonder why we believe our inspirations must be larger than life when, in reality, we are inspired and our values shaped by what seem like the trivialities of each day.

As much as I admire the chefs on TV that can create a fine delicacy in a matter of minutes, I constantly search for the taste of my mother’s cooking in everything I manage to whip up in my floor’s common room. When I write, I don’t think about Dickens’ profundity, I can only remember how my beloved, bespectacled, English teacher back home would express it. Try it. Introspect. You’ll find that your biggest inspirations are truly, in the smallest of things.


文:Bhavya CHAUHAN(舍堂十)



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