Little Less ‘Happy-Go-Lucky’ 【少些「聽天由命」】


[Little Less ‘Happy-Go-Lucky’]

By: EMON Syed (Hall 10)


 The term ‘happy-go-lucky’ means to be happily nonchalant/carefree (as stated in A happy-go-lucky person would not be vexed in stressful situations as he/she happily trusts on what luck will bring forward. Even though this type of lifestyle might sound enticing to some, it will not be fruitful in the long run. Being cheerful and happy about life in general is a great way to perceive life, but being irresponsible and fully reliant on luck is not how one should deal with life. There are some things that depend completely on ‘luck’, but most of the things that happen to you is mostly due to your actions. Being completely carefree can bring forth negative consequences which will affect others but mostly affect you. Therefore it is better to live a cheerful and happy life, but not a completely carefree and irresponsible one.


文:EMON Syed(舍堂十)




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