FYP – The Apple of your Eye 【畢業習作–你眼中的瞳人】


[FYP – The Apple of your Eye]

By: CHIANG Man Ying, Michelle (Hall 10)

Image: humour.amulyam.com

 It is just like your first newborn baby. You do researches and plan ahead before it comes. It is what you always think of, day and night. It makes you miserable, both physically and mentally. You feel stressed at the thought of it, but you know you have to deal with it anyway. Basically, it is a pain in the arse – I am talking about FYP, your Final Year Project.

If you are a final year student, this might be what you are worrying about right now. Even if you are a freshman or sophomore, there is still no way you can escape your destiny with FYP. In dealing with FYP, you know what you need to do. Plan early, start early, ask for advice, and give yourself time to improve it. It would be hard. It’s supposed to be hard. There is a quote saying, “If it were easy, everybody would do it. Hard is what makes it great.”

After all, when you are done with your FYP, it would literally be your newborn baby – you will be proud and content, just like the apple of your eye.

All you need now is to make it through. You’ll make it through.



譯:段延麟 (賽馬會群智堂)






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