How to Manage Time Management【如何規劃和管理時間】


[How to Manage Time Management]

By: Jacobus DU PLESSIS (HSBC Prosperity Hall)

We’ve all been guilty of sitting clicking away on Facebook for what we think is only a quick 15 minutes, just to realise we have just wasted 2 hours! Here is the definitive guide for making your seconds, minutes and hours count:
A list? What list?
This is the superweapon in every organised person’s armoury. With this little trick all your jumbled thoughts get set down in a neat little schedule for you to tackle.
How does it work? Make a list of the all the tasks you need to complete and organise them according to priority, while setting realistic goals for their completion. For example:
1. Essay: Finish by 6 pm.
2. Article for ResLink: Tomorrow 11 am.
By following this simple, yet effective way of planning your day you’ll soon find yourself making steady progress toward success.
Gung ho!
We students are always guilty of this – we’ll leave our assignments for the weekend before (or worse – the day before) the deadline and then try and finish the entire thing in a mad dash for the finish. This is plain and simply silly.
What’s the alternative? If you break up your time in segments and work on that important assignment for several hours every week you’ll not only do a better job of it, but you’ll also avoid all the unnecessary stress that the “gung ho” approach induces. It isn’t that difficult to do. If you use the task list above to plan these segments accordingly you’ll be cruising through those assignments in no time.
Bringing it all together
Only you will really know what works best for you, but being mindful of the tasks you need to complete and setting realistic goals for completing them will help you “manage” time management.


文:Jacobus DU PLESSIS(匯豐業昕堂)


列清單是每個有條理的人的超級武器。有了這樣一份清單,所有混亂的思緒都可以被重新理清。一個清晰整齊的日程表自然方便我們著手處理面前的 一堆事情。
1. 論文:六點前完成
2. 《宿生緣》的文章:明早十一點前完成



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