Homesickness 【鄉思】



By: Bhavya CHAUHAN (Hall 10)


 Homesickness is a disease that most collegiate students are riddled by. The initial symptoms include: incessant crying, a profound lack of belonging, and an aversion to all things around you. Perhaps, it is this experience that we garner, which truly helps us understand the worth of our homes. How convenient we find those roads- narrow or wide- that lead to the confines of our warm, cozy abodes; the rooms that house so many memories- good and bad- of our childhood and adolescence. This is the apt diagnosis. Are we not all ailing from this sickness, this constant need to belong?

But then again: what is home? Home is the blanket in which you can nestle in after a long day. It is the reassurance that exudes from a loving smile, the affection in a hand-cooked meal, sometimes even the silence that speaks many things unsaid. In life, our constant endeavor is to seek places where we achieve this security of being deeply loved. And when we do find it, we call it home. The treatment for this disease is awfully simple. We must- each day, every day- build our new homes, memory by memory. Yes, homesickness may just be chronic. But soon enough you’ll understand that in actuality, this is no disease- just a constant reminder of just truly how much and in how very many places you’re loved.


文:Bhavya CHAUHAN(舍堂十)



鄉思是大多數高校生經歷的「疾病」。最初的症狀有:持續不斷地哭,嚴重缺乏歸屬感,以及厭惡你周圍的一切事物。也許正是這種經歷,幫助我們瞭解——家的價值。那條時而寬時而窄的道路把我們送回溫暖且舒適的家; 很多的回憶,童年和青春期的,好的壞的,都源自那。 我們經常被這病困擾,不間斷地需要歸屬感。


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