The Adventure of Miss Tofu【豆腐小姐奇遇記】


[The Adventure of Miss Tofu]

By: WANG Qi, Betty (Hall 10)

Translated by: CHIANG Man Ying, Michelle (Hall 10)


In the wet market, at a vegetable stall, Miss Tofu is sitting on a wood board.  She watches the people closely as they come and go, with a melancholy look on her face. “Please don’t sell me… please don’t eat me…” This is what she mutters all the time.

Another bean curd sitting next to Miss Tofu, says to her, “From a soybean, we were being soaked, grinded, boiled and strained into soy milk. Then we were drowned and coagulated with salty water, and being pressed so hard to become as vain and tender as we look now. Now you want to give up after all these hardships? There is much more value in us. We must live up to a life for what we have suffered!”

“Value? What value?” As Miss Tofu goes into deep thoughts, a man stops by the stall and bought her home. After a while, Miss Tofu is being brought to a home. She hears the man yells to the kitchen “Hey Honey, I’m back! I bought bean curd for tonight. How should we eat it? Braise it? Jellify it? Make it with soup? Or Spicy Mapo Tofu?” This made Miss Tofu exclaimed a bit. She never knew she could be cooked with so many different methods.

In the kitchen, a woman’s voice echoes back, “Let’s make Mapo Tofu!” She then calls her son hither, and says, “We are going to have tofu tonight. You should eat more. It is high in protein, low in fat, and contains many microelements that could help prevent cardiovascular diseases and even cancer! It could also promote longevity if you eat that regularly!”

As Miss Tofu listens to this, it gives her a sudden epiphany. Now that she knows, all her worries are gone. She is not afraid to be eaten, she is proud of what she stands for, as she finally realizes the value in her.









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