Does Fast Food Love You Back? 【快餐也像你愛它一樣愛著你嗎?】


[Does Fast Food Love You Back?]

By: Dheeraj RAJA KUMAR (Hall 11)

Fast food—it makes go away the hunger fast, spreads the taste across your taste-buds faster and makes you unhealthy even faster. Coupled with growing fat at a faster rate, it’s truly a FAST food. Even though I crave for that McSpicy Chicken burger, it’s hard to digest the fact that it’s not good for digestion.
They change our lifestyle, make us fat and in order to burn that extra layer of fat, we spend more hours at the gym. Youngsters are pushing themselves that extra mile to curb the fat faster. Well, things could go really fast when fast food is minimized to just 2 servings per month. We all for sure love fast food, but does it love you back?


文:Dheeraj RAJA KUMAR(舍堂十一)


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