Live in the moment 【活在當下】

living in the moment

[Live in the moment]

By: CHIANG Man Ying Michelle (Hall 10)

Image: MAK Yi Fong (Hall 11)

 Being one of the competitors in the Professor Edmond Ko Cup Singing Contest 2014/15, I can tell you that the vibes on and off stage are two completely different worlds.

Please take an imaginary ride with me. In daytime, you are no more than an ordinary insect to most of the people. However, when the night comes, it gives you the chance to glow, the chance for you to grasp people’s attention. And this, is exactly how I felt when I stood on stage. Those unfamiliar faces, all with staring eyes, penetrating into me… that is the time for me to showcase my talent, for me to show people the best of me.

After the three minutes of performance, being off stage as one of the audience is as well fun and engaging. When you are among your hall mates, cheering for your respective halls, chanting along with your hall beat… that feeling of unity and sense of belonging to your own hall would definitely overwhelm your emotions…

No matter how bad or how well I sing on stage, I have enjoyed the stage that I have gotten. No matter if my hall won or not, I have had a fun and amazing time when I cheered along with my hall mates. To be thankful with the opportunities we have, and to make the most out of everything we do. These experiences on and off stage have given me something to learn – To live in the moment.

(Editor notes: The author won the 1st runner-up in the solo category with Eminem and Rihanna’s “Love the Way You Lie”. Congratulations!)









(編注:作者在獨唱項目中以美國歌手Eminem及Rihanna的《Love the Way You Lie》勇奪亞軍,可喜可賀!)

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