[To Exchange or Not to Exchange?]

By: KAN Yuen Yee, Christine (Hall 11)

Going to exchange can be a very exciting and rewarding experience, but there are also many factors to consider before going. Here are some pros and cons of studying abroad which might help you choose.

Going on exchange allows you to experience a totally different culture than that you are used to. It provides you with a complete change in scenery, allowing you to immerse yourself in a foreign environment. For those exchanging to English-speaking countries, this might be a great way to upgrade your English conversation in a short period of time. Exchanging also gives you a chance to travel, not only around the country, but possibly even to nearby countries, where you can make many new friends and gain many invaluable experiences of a lifetime.

However, all these things come with a cost. Depending on where you go, the total cost for the whole trip may range from HKD $10,000 to HKD $100,000 per semester, provided you can get some form of subsidies. It also means that you would be away from your friends and family during the period, with less contact than usual. In some cases, cultural shock may be a factor, especially to those who do not adapt easily out of their comfort zone. Either way, it would definitely take some getting used to when you move in to an apartment or hostel yourself, home away from home.

Therefore, whether to go on exchange or not? Think carefully before you decide!







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