‘Green’ Apps【綠色應用】


[‘Green’ Apps]

By: DUAN Yanlin, Alan (Jockey Club Academy Hall)

Image: Wikipedia

When I am trying my best to find inspiration for this article, “ding ling”, my phone rings. I switch it on. It turns out to be my friend talking to me on Whatsapp… Wait… isn’t Whatsapp’s icon in green? I then look up all the apps on my phone and finally realize that there are a lot of ‘green’ apps that are worth my recommendations: let’s see them one by one!

People & Communication – Whatsapp: best for discussing projects with classmates and chatting with family members. In either case, you need it. Send a few selfies when you are happy, or talk to a friend when you feel sad: it is all your choice!

Language Learning – Duolingo: Do you want to learn French, Italian, Japanese and Korean in an effective and FREE way? Here is the solution: Duolingo! According to scientific experiments, 34 hours of learning with Duolingo equals a 11-week language course in college. That is fabulous!

Diary & Notes – Evernote: If you like to take notes during a book reading, digitalize your class notes, or, if you always have some great ideas and want to jot them down, Evernote could help!

Health & Sports – 7 Minutes Workout: Have you ever thought about losing weight in only 7 minutes, not 1 hour? It is not a dream thanks to High-intensive Interval Training (HIIT). With the help of this little gadget, you can have a body shape like an hourglass.

All these ‘green’ apps are not only green because of their icon colours, but also green because they help us to live a better life without using any paper. Show your love to the earth and be nice to yourself. Let’s try these green apps together!




正當我為這篇文章尋找靈感時,叮咚,我的手機響了。打開一看,原來是朋友在Whatsapp上找我…… 等等,Whatsapp的圖示不就是綠色的麼?這樣一看,我手機中優質的「綠色」應用還真是不少,這就跟大家交流一下!

人際社交 · Whatsapp:和同學討論小組習作,和家人聊天都少不了這個軟件。用Whatsapp,在開心的時候發幾張照片,不高興地時候跟朋友聊聊天吧!

學習語言 · 多鄰國(Duolingo):想要免費自學法語、意大利語、日語或韓語嘛?就用它吧:多鄰國!根據科學實驗證明,34小時的多鄰國學習就等於1門十一周的大學語言課哦。

日記想法 · 印象筆記(Evernote):如果你和我一樣喜歡做讀書摘要,或者喜歡把自己的課堂筆記電子化,又或者,你有時會突然有些小靈感,小想法:不用猶豫了,快用印象筆記把他們用最高效的方式記錄下來吧。

鍛煉身體 · 7分鐘鍛煉身體:你有沒有想過,其實減肥不用1小時,只用7分鐘?根據高強度間歇性訓練所研發的這個小應用定能滿足你減脂塑形的要求。還不快試試?


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