What An Eyewash! 【世上最美的水晶球——你的眼睛】


[What An Eyewash!]

By: Bhavya CHAUHAN (Hall 10)
Image: aceoflifewellbeingblog.com

Eyes are indispensable assets. Simply experience a day without vision and you’d realize how truly valuable these two orbs in your skull actually are. Like all other things precious, we must take care of them. Especially, when living in an environment where air is so polluted, we must take extra precautionary methods in order to prevent any unnecessary eye infections. Conjunctivitis, I’m sure, feels far worse than it sounds.

What can be done? Wearing sunglasses (recommended when the sun is out), rinsing your eyes regularly, and avoiding contact with any foreign chemicals or substances should suffice. Say hello to spring and take care of your eyes- there is a lot to see around!


文:Bhavya CHAUHAN(舍堂十)



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