By: GAO Luyan (Chan Sui Kau Hall)

Image: http://www.smithsonianmag.com

White can be seen almost anywhere in our life, the desk and chair, the wall and roof, the clothes and shoes, etc. It is considered to be the simplest colour in the world because it is pure and basic. When white is added into other colours, their original colours will be weaker but still remain unchanged. At the same time, white is the most complex colour. When the three basic colour of light—red, green and blue are combined together, we will get white. It seems that white includes nothing but actually it includes everything, which makes the colour even more mysterious.

People of different nationalities may interpret the colour white in various ways. For example, in the western culture, white is holy and thus commonly used in church and ceremonies like weddings. However, in the east such as traditional Chinese culture, white is pale and faint and it is often related to death. Most of the time white is not merely a colour, but also an expression of emotions—optimistic or pessimistic. It may be a symbol of oneself—hope or despair.

When we were born, our life is like a piece of white paper. Later when we grow up, we are actually adding more colour to the white paper. Just like every other colour will leave its trace on the white paper, everything we go through and everyone we meet help to make our life more colourful. The experiences are the things to appreciate, they make us what we are.







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