Orange is the New Black【讓橙色成為新潮流】


[Orange is the New Black]

By: TANG Tsz Kwan, Julie (Jockey Club Humanity Hall)


 What comes to your mind when mentioning the colour orange? Orange the fruit? Your highlighter? Garfield? Yoshinoya? It may have escaped your notice, but orange is everywhere in our lives!

Orange is positioned between red and yellow. It is not as hot as red, but it is more eye-catching than yellow. The special position makes orange a lively colour. Orange is a colour which can bring you joy. The colour can make you feel happier and be more active. If you are in a bad mood or depressed with something, dress orange or at least put some orange colours on yourself! Even an orange pen may help a bit.

Orange is also a colour which can stimulate your appetite. This may be the reason why some restaurants decorate themselves with orange colours – they want you to eat more! If you are preparing a meal for your guests, you may want to use orange dishes or put some orange decorations on the table. Then your guests will finish the meal you prepared with a good mood. Yet, remember to take away all the orange things near the dinner table if you are on diet!

Make good use of the colour orange. You will find this sharp and bright colour lovelier and lovelier.


文:鄧子筠 (賽馬會敬賢堂)






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