Bigger Shoes to Fill 【成長】


[Bigger Shoes to Fill]

By: Sadhika NANDA (Hall 11)
Image: WU Zhenli, Lily (Jockey Club Harmony Hal)

“Oh my god! I can’t believe you’re not crawling anymore. They grow up so fast!” cried Aunt Alma as she greeted me. Certain that I shouldn’t be crawling at 13, I silently disagreed and thought to myself that I wasn’t growing fast enough. All of my friends had outgrown their new shoes while I was still wearing the ones I bought when I was 11. But before I knew it, my worries reshaped themselves, becoming an unexpected joy: I was now growing too fast. Three shoe sizes in a year and a voice transformation later, I stood 6 feet tall, with tiny bits of hair on my chin.

My mother still insisted that I buy my clothes at the kids section; I suppose she thought I was Peter Pan—the man who would forever remain a boy. To be fair however, I thought I was Peter Pan too, but in a bad way. For I awaited the dawn of adulthood like a child awaits recess break. But when it came- and it hit me like a hailstorm when it did- it was far from what I imagined. It was bittersweet, to say the very least. Undeniably, I thought it would taste a lot sweeter, primarily because I could eat all the candy I wanted, as an adult.

But isn’t this why it is said that youth is wasted on the young? For one realises its value only when one is no longer young. With that being said, I don’t suppose it’s ever too late to have such an epiphany. Simply because youth is a work of art, the kind of art that can be 4 or 40 years old.

Growing up, I have understood, is more about starting to become an adult as opposed to seizing to become a child. We may have to surrender our days of carefree, effortless existence in exchange for days of prolonged worry and ceaseless responsibilities, but that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy cotton candy or chasing butterflies. Youth remains so long as we want it to. Growing up simply forces it to mature.


文:Sadhika NANDA(舍堂十)

「哦,我的上帝!我不敢相信你已經不爬了。他們怎麼長得那麼快!」阿爾瑪阿姨跟我打招呼時喊到。我本來就不應該在十三歲時還爬行,心裡默默地不同意,再想可能我增長的速度還不夠快呢。我所有的朋友都開始穿上新鞋,只有我還穿著十一歲時買的那一雙。但在此之前我並不知道,我的憂慮會變成一個意想不到的快樂:因為我正在飛速地增長。一年內我換了三個鞋碼, 聲音也變了,現在的我已六尺高,下巴長出鬍子。

我母親仍然讓我在小孩部買衣服;我想她認為我是小飛俠,永遠都不會長大的男孩。其實,我還真以為我是小飛俠,但不是英雄型的。我像個等待著下課休息的小孩期待著成年的曙光。但當它真的來臨時,我震驚得像被冰雹打在身上,它遠不是我想像的。最起碼,它是苦樂參半。不可否認,我原以為我將會品嘗到更多更甜的滋味,主要是因為我想像成長後的我可以吃到所有我想吃的糖果 。



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