Just a Colour 【黑色與偏見】


[Just a Colour]

By: EMON Syed (Hall 10)

Image: hdwallpapers-download.com

Unlike white, which is the combination of red, green, and blue, black is the absence of all colours. Black has been associated with darkness, whereas white has been characterized with purity, spirituality, and light. This concept, unfortunately, is still quite prevalent in many societies where an object, animal, or a person with black skin or black clothing are looked upon with stern countenance. In India, Bangladesh, and other South Asian countries, it is considered an ill omen if a black cat crosses your path. If that cat was white, you could go ahead and give it a name and a home. Unfortunately, this trend of superstition extends to racial issues as well. There have been numerous accounts of a person being judged, stereotyped, and condescended due to his/her skin colour being black. It is not a skin he/she can take off, nor something they chose to “wear’. For human beings to advance, these attitudes towards the colour black has to be eradicated.

Perceptions of the colour black has always been negative, but the positive aspects of it has been neglected or even rejected. “Wearers” of black skin, like Nelson Mandela, Desmond Tutu, Martin Luther King Jr., Malcolm X, and many more, have enlightened the world with their acts of valour and courage and black clothing is now a norm in work or party environments. Many of us have to realize that black is just a colour, just the way our eyes and brain collaborate to visualize what we see.


文:EMON Syed(舍堂十)




人們對於黑色的感知總是負面的,它積極的一面總是被人們忽略甚至是拒絕。擁有黑色膚色的人們,比如納爾遜 曼德拉、德斯蒙德 杜圖、馬丁 路德 金、麥爾坎·X,他們的英勇行為和勇氣點亮了整個世界。黑色的衣著在當今工作和聚會的環境中亦成為了時尚和得體的象徵。這更需要我們建立一個公正的意識:黑色只是一個顏色,是在我們的眼睛和大腦的共同作用下對我們所看到的物品呈現出來的色彩。

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