Life’s a Gamble Not to Be Gambled Away 【別賭上你的人生】


[Life’s a Gamble Not to Be Gambled Away]

By: EMON Syed (Hall 10)

Addiction is associated with a person consuming a substance or engaging in an activity in a continuous manner that hinders daily life and activities. Even though most would associate addiction with the consumption of drugs, there are other addictions, such as gambling, that can turn a person’s life upside down if not identified and treated at an early stage.
Being a university student comes with the privileges of unlimited freedom and independent living, but these two privileges can result in a person ending up with a ‘bad habit’, gambling being one of many. Just a friendly game of Mahjong or betting on a horse race with peers/floor mates might sound enticing, but if done on a regular basis can transform it into an addiction. If one is already hooked to gambling, returning back to a normal life (one without gambling addiction) might be hard but not impossible.
As it is with other addictions, one has to be as far away from associations (people one used to gamble with and places one used to gamble in) to gambling as possible. One should also try to substitute other enjoyable activities such as sports for gambling activities. Searching for counselling from someone trustworthy or a psychiatrist specialized in treating addiction can also be helpful. A person can also put someone (counsellor, friend, or family member) in charge of his/her financials so that when money is needed for gambling, a strong “NO” will be served with extra toppings of rapport and care.


文:EMON Syed(舍堂十)


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