And It was All…Yellow 【這是金黃色的美好體驗】


[And It was All…Yellow]

By: Bhavya CHAUHAN (Hall 10)

The first touch of sunlight on a cold, foggy morning. Emerging petals on a budding sunflower. Nascence. The dim twinkling on a sea lit up with surrounding lights. The faint flickering of a bulb, struggling to light up. And then? Hope. Streaks of blonde in hair: every hair, short hair, long, silky hair. Fields of mustard swaying, dancing in the wind. The smell? Home.

My grandmother’s favourite salwarkameez, embroidered with sequins, each a reflection of the days gone by. A wrinkled, albeit reassuring hand caressing my hair. Bowing my head in prayer, and when it rises? Faith. All that glitters: gold, shades guarding what’s within, a silver bangle touched by the sun. Is it real? Façade.

An infant’s curled finger. The last ladoo, adorned with a strand of cardamom. Blocks on my schedule. Honey in my tea. Stars embellished in an ebony sky. Familiar faces amidst a sea of people. Arrival announcements at an airport. Smiles of old friends. That forlorn favourite re-emerging on the radio. Rubber ducklings, swimming. Swimming amongst memories of childhood. Isn’t it all?

The lemon drop on your tongue. Calls to taxis from passengers waiting to be driven away. A sphere in the white of the egg. Whole now, isn’t it? Completion. The finish. That ray of light from the end of the tunnel. Forgiveness? Satisfaction. Enlightenment? Power.

And it was all…yellow.


文:Bhavya CHAUHAN(胡應湘爵士伉儷堂)






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