Rolling and Rolling 【翻滾不停】


[Rolling and Rolling]

By: GAO Luyan (Chan Sui Kau Hall)

Once or twice a week, we may go to the laundry, put all the dirty clothes into a washing machine, and pay and press the “start” button. Then all we have to do is to wait until the whole process is over. The laundry detergent or laundry soap powder is combined with the flowing water, which then makes all the clothes wet. When the machine begins to operate, all the things inside will roll at a constant speed, not too fast or too slow. This simple action is repeated for maybe hundreds of times during the 40 minutes. Although it seems boring, it is actually the intensive repetition of this action that finally turn all the dirty clothes into the clean ones. That’s also the point that most of us may easily ignore.

For too many times, we focus only on the status at the beginning and the end, we see that the dirty clothes become clean again after a 40-minute journey in the washing machine, thus we conclude that the laundry is a useful place full of magic. Only the few people who treat it seriously can find that “rolling” is the exact quintessence of the process, which enables the transformation. That’s the same in our life. We tend to neglect the most important part because we are impatient with the repetition of a simple action. However, the truth is we need repetition because it makes us professional and proficient.






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