Indoorsman and Indoorswoman in the Student Residence 【宿舍中的宅男宅女】


[Indoorsman and Indoorswoman in the Student Residence]

By: LIU Yanghe, Hera (Sir Gordon and Lady Ivy Wu Hall)


As the development of internetwork and new technologies, more and more teenagers who spend most of their time in indoor pursuits including surfing on the internet, watching soup operas, eating snacks and more commonly, sleeping. As a result, there appears a new internet slang: indoorsman/indoorswoman. Just as its name indicates, this kind of people lose themselves in deep seclusion and rarely come out. They think they represent the so called “free thinking” and “Y Generation”. In fact, however, their behaviors are nothing but a waste of time as well as a constant indulgence of themselves.

It is a pity to admit that there is a good number of indoorsman and indoorswoman in our Student Residence. They are accustomed to skipping class, and they just play computer games or keep themselves in their rooms day in and day out. They should realize that what they do is irresponsible for themselves. The suggestions for indoorsman/indoorswoman are as follows:

  • Go out of your room frequently. This is the primary and most important principle.
  • Take a look at the world outside and think about what you have done. After that, the sense of guilt will help you get rid of seclusion.
  • Keep away from your computer and mobile phone for a few hours. Indulging in electrics is the chief culprit for being an indoorsman/indoorswoman.
  • Try to communicate with others. Friends and social contact are panaceas for casting off isolated.
  • Attend class on time and take part in social activities. Try to develop some interests such as doing sports or cooking.






  • 經常出門走走,這是首要的原則。
  • 多看看外面的世界,并想想自己都做了什麽。經過這種思索之後,罪咎感會幫助他們改善深居簡出的習慣。
  • 在一定的時間內,遠離你的電腦和手機。沉溺於電子產品是成為宅男/宅女的罪魁禍首。
  • 嘗試著與他人交流。朋友和社交是擺脫獨居的靈丹妙藥。
  • 按時上課并積極參加課外活動。試著培養自己的興趣愛好,比如做運動和做飯。

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