Tears of Misery and Joy 【傷心的淚水與開心的淚水】


[Tears of Misery and Joy]

Images: imgfave.com

Anything with life in this world has its own way to express its feelings. Be it an animal or a human being, every living being expresses its feelings and emotions in different ways. We express our happiness and joy through a smile and laughter, similarly vent out our sorrow and misery through tears. Crying is one of the best ways to give away one’s stress, sadness and melancholy. According to me, tears help a person to wash away the pessimistic feelings in one’s heart and make the heart feel lighter.
Crying can also be described not just an act of expressing one’s sadness but also to get rid of the burden of sadness. The tears from the eyes of a child when he falls down, or in the eyes of a mother departing from her children or in the eyes of a person in misery alleviate the feeling of pain and sorrow. In an optimistic view, tears are consoling a person to calm down and lessen the negative feelings in them.
Another noteworthy aspect of crying is the so called ‘tears of joy’. Unlike the tears of agony and misery, these ‘tears of joy’ arise from the eyes to symbolize a moment of joy and happiness. This is a natural involuntary response of a high dose of joy and happiness that one cannot control, and vents it out through ‘tears of joy’.
People look down upon men who cry. Crying is attributed to be a feminine feeling but what people don’t understand is that crying is something natural and there are no restrictions imposed on anyone to express their feelings.




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