Daddy 【爸爸】



By: KOH Jia Xin (HSBC Prosperity Hall)


My dad and I write to each other electronically for as long as I had been in Hong Kong. He pays my extravagant international student tuition fee to the school and the only condition is for me to write in black and white to him every week. We may not have communicated much before we parted, but necessitates an email per week became my routine, and I think that this is his intention to not to be excluded completely from my life.

He is a disciplined and reliable man who wakes up at six every morning, reads news, stock market and books, and goes to sleep at nine every night; and who, not only keep his promise but carry it out. Before his retirement, he had a lot of pressure from his work. Apart from losing hairs, some of his hairs had gone white. It was a huge difference to see a photo of him a year before and after relocating to a new branch office. His grey hairs make him look older than his friends of his age, and my mom who looks even younger standing beside him. His grey hairs – a sign of aging and wisdom, serves as well as a reminder of how much he has sacrificed for and contributed to his family, his career, and especially to his children.

Though you are no more young and handsome, don’t you worry, we still love you the same, Daddy.


文:辜嘉歆 (滙豐業昕堂)






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