New Things 【嶄新的嘗試】


[New Things]

By: MIN Jiyun, Jey (Alumni Civility Hall)


 He was curious. Why does she always drink Strawberry juice?  He told her. How about Banana juice this time? You will love it. Nay, I am fine with Strawberry juice. She answered. Aren’t you tired of having it all the time? He asked. Nah, Strawberry juice is just good for me. I’ve never tried other drinks. They might ruin my entire meal. He was still curious.

One fine day he and she go to a mart for her favorite lunch juice. Sold Out. She sees. Lunch is ruined! She thinks. He picks up another flavored juice for her. Try it for your sake. He says. Whatever. She takes it. One sip. It’s not bad she thinks. Another sip. It’s actually pretty good. And one bottle she finishes it. He smiles and asks. How’s it. She smiles and replies. Not bad. She realizes finally.

Sometimes you gotta be bold enough to try and learn new things, he tells her. You might love it. Or you might even be good at it! It’s the perks of living a life. What’s the fun without having new things in our life? Hmmm. What now to drink? He asks. Well, who knows, let’s try the other one!








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