Reselling Mania 【走水貨】


[Reselling Mania]

By: Jacobus DU PLESSIS (HSBC Prosperity Hall)

Image: Apple Daily

Just last year, shortly after the new iPhone 6 was released in Hong Kong a man staggered along strangely over the Hong Kong-Shenzhen border crossing. The authorities grew very suspicious and searched the man. The reason why he was walking so weirdly was simply because he had strapped his whole body full of iPhones which he intended to then resell over the border back in Mainland China. Yes, the reselling mania in Hong Kong is unparalleled and occasionally makes for a good laugh.

However, the consequences of reselling across the border in Mainland China can be serious, especially if you are a student who engages in this form of illicit trading (i.e. iPhone, formula milk, cosmetics and medicine, just to name a few).

Why is that? Well, as an international/Mainland student in Hong Kong, your visa is issued under certain restrictions. These are namely that you will not engage in employment (paid or unpaid), establish or join in a business. Now these things seem quite clear, but of course the temptation of a bit of profit to be made to fill in our meagre student budgets is always strong. Myself being one of the numerous impoverished students I sympathise with this and see where the drive to do this can come from, but we need to only consider being caught for such a minor offence and the potentially devastating consequences it will have on our future careers.

Being caught could potentially lead to prosecution and removal from Hong Kong – serious consequences for the minor benefit of a bit of extra spending money. We are all welcome to take on-campus employment and if we need a couple of extra cents to buy that something nice or even another beer it would be best if we followed the legal way to it. I know we all have one or two more brain cells than that infamous guy who strapped himself full of iPhones.


文:Jacobus DU PLESSIS(滙豐業昕堂)



去年,新的iPhone 6在香港剛發佈後不久,在香港到深圳的邊境通道上,有一個人鬼鬼祟祟地蹣跚走著,他的舉止很快引起當局的懷疑,並被截停搜查。他之所以舉動古怪,原來是他身上捆滿了iPhone手機,打算偷運過中國大陸倒賣謀利。沒錯,近年來從香港走水貨到中國大陸倒賣謀利,鬧得火熱,還不時鬧出笑話。



爲了微小利益,干犯罪行,一旦被捕,有可能被檢控而負上刑責: 罰款、監禁甚至被迫離開香港。這是多麼慘痛的教訓!事實上,大學亦提供不同的有薪實習機會,讓同學既能賺取零用錢又得到工作經驗,所謂取之有道,用得安心。我相信,我們比那個聲名狼藉的手機水貨客要多一些守法的意識和智慧。

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