Check Out Time: Let Us be Greener! 【退宿時:一起變「綠」!】


[Check Out Time: Let Us be Greener!]

By: GAO Luyan (Chan Sui Kau Hall)

Image: WU Zhenli, Lily (Jockey Club Harmony Hall)

What will you think about with the word “re-”?  Recycle? Reuse? Yes, you are right, generally, “re” is related to the environment. Through recycling and reusing, we can contribute to the environment, to the earth, to the place where we are living. Global warming, greenhouse effect, deforestation, etc. These words are often mentioned in our daily life, but only a small amount of people take action to care for these environment problems. Most of us do not realize how severe the case is, let alone doing something to change and save. However, to help maintain or improve the environment is not that hard as we think.

Actually, in the Student Residence, several chances are offered for you to be green! First of all, there are the Exchange Corners. Initiated by hall residents of E-Corps, the programme aims to collect reusable items. A carton box is put in the common room of each floor. You may drop the items before checking out. By reusing these things, we can greatly reduce unnecessary waste and thus be greener.

On the other hand, you can go to the Hand2Spot at G/F at Jockey Club Harmony Hall (Hall 7) every Monday to Friday from 10:00 to 18:00. Initiated by CityU Project Flame, you can donate the items you do not want any more, and they will be given to the students who need them in the next semester. You can pick up the things you like by then as well! So, do not hesitate, join us now and let’s start our “re” journey!





其實學生宿舍就有不少讓你實踐「綠」色生活的機會。例如設於每層交誼室的「Exchange Corners」。由E-Corps宿生發起的活動,旨在收集可再用的物資。而你需要做的只是在離開宿舍前把你不需要而又有用的東西投到箱子裡。

除此之外,每週一到週五早上十點至下午六點,你可以到賽馬會群萃堂(Hall 7)地下,由城大火焰計劃主辦的城大手易點,捐出自己不需要而又有用的物品,讓新學期入宿的同學因應自己的需要來選取利用,你也可以去那裡挑選出自己需要的物品。通過重覆利用這些物品。不要猶豫,讓我們盡本份減少不必要的浪費,保護環境,一起實踐「綠」色生活吧!

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