Because We Share【分享美味】


[Because We Share]

By: Lau Hei Lam, Eddie


I’m now on an exchange in Mexico. When my foreign friends ask me what is the most famous and delicious food in Hong Kong, I answer without any doubt, “Dim Sum”!

Unlike any set meals in foreign countries, Hong Kong Dim Sum is small but delicate. Each dish may only contain three small pieces. For those who first come to Hong Kong, you may have a question, “Dim sum are so small. How can we be full?” That is the main characteristic of Hong Kong Dim Sum.

When we are going to eat Dim Sum, we usually go with a large group of friends. Each of us order different dishes, and try each of them together. If we like the flavor, we can order the same dish again and again. It is not easy to get full when having Dim Sum, so we can try many different things at the same time. More importantly, the amount of each dish is small, so even if we order more than we expected, we can still finish them easily without making waste.

Perhaps due to these special characteristics, we learn the happiness of sharing. And because we share, the food is even more delicious.





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