Loving Hong Kong — the Rainbow After the Storm【愛上香港 ── 人生不只如初見】


[Loving Hong Kong — the Rainbow After the Storm]

By: WANG Qi, Betty (Hall 10)

Translated by: CHIANG Man Ying, Michelle (Hall 10)

Image: hkhztx.com

They call her the Pearl of the Orient, the shopping paradise. To me, she is just like a night pearl inlayed on a crown – sacred and divine. As the flight finally landed on this piece of foreign ground, I arrived Hong Kong, with a solemn, yet excited feeling in me. However, I never thought my first day in Hong Kong would ever make me feel so distant and isolated.

The weather in Hong Kong changes as it likes – one second it could be shining brightly and sweltering; and without a clue, in a blink of an eye, it could be raining cats and dogs.  Somewhat unprepared, both physically and mentally, this ‘welcoming ceremony’ has definitely caught me off guard on my first day. Then, when I went to fetch my student ID card, the photo I uploaded beforehand was nowhere to be found. Therefore, all I could do is to join that endless queue, and upload it again. Last but not least, when I reached the student residence halls to register, all the helpers and staff kindly explained everything to me – only if I could understand Cantonese. I stood there, staring at them helplessly… and these – were my first impression of Hong Kong.

Being a person who is somewhat introverted and timid, I was not used to expressing myself, not even good at solving my own problems. Therefore, my first day in Hong Kong was somewhat frustrating to me.

In fact, having been in Hong Kong for two years, I have overcame numerous challenges. As the challenges get tougher and tougher, I grow stronger and stronger. Now, I have changed. I have learnt how to communicate with others, to be adaptive and flexible, to be patient and not get discouraged easily, and most importantly – I have learnt to love Hong Kong, and loving her more and more.

You might have a rough start, or even a little bump in the road. However, keep going, keep learning, and you will see the rainbow after the storm.

【愛上香港 ── 人生不只如初見】



東方之珠,購物天堂,來香港之前,她在我心裡就像王冠上的那顆夜明珠,遙遠神聖,可望卻不可及。帶著敬畏,航班慢慢降落在這片於我而言陌生的土地,而後來發生的事更是加劇了我與這裡的距離感。香港的夏天,天氣說變就變,前一秒還是驕陽似火,轉眼就是大雨傾盆,毫無準備的我只能默默接受這場特別的「歡迎禮」;接下來去辦學生證,之前上傳的照片找不到,只能重新上傳一次然後回到長長的隊末重新排;去宿舍登記的時候,工作人員和善地給我講解了好多東西,但是 ── 我聽不懂廣東話的,只能默默站著淩亂。彼時的我還只是一個膽小內向的小姑娘,不敢表達自己,不會解決問題,來香港的第一天其實是很沮喪的。如果這個世界真如納蘭說的「人生若只如初見」,那麼也許我永遠不會愛上香港這個地方,但事實上,在這裡生活了兩年,我有了脫胎換骨的轉變。我漸漸學會如何與人交流,不再唯唯諾諾,學會應變,學會耐心,不會輕易沮喪,這些都是香港的生活給我的恩賜。挑戰越多,我就會變得越強大, 人生不只如初見,就如我在慢慢愛上這裡。

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