[Planning your summer!] 【計劃這個夏天!】


 [Planning your summer!]

By: GAO Luyan (Chan Sui Kau Hall)

Image: http://www.playbuzz.com

The summer is coming and how are you planning your summer? A trip to North Europe? Volunteering work in Sri Lanka? Summer school? Internship? It seems that there are quite a number of options for us to choose. However, as time flies in the vacation, if you don’t start now, you may already miss half of the summer when you notice the truth.

For me, I will go back to Beijing first, to spend some time with my family and meet my friends. Then I will return to Hong Kong to take the summer term at CityU. After that I may plan some trips and go on travelling with my friends.

Different people have various kinds of expects for their summer. As the nearly three-month holiday is a long time, we should make full use of it and do something meaningful. It is obviously not a good idea to spend all the time lying in the bed, eating snacks while watching dramas on your iPad.

Since we are always busy with the assignments and exams or hang out with friends in normal times, we spare not much time for our family members. Summer is definitely a good chance to cook a dinner for our parents, to have a chat or just take a walk with them outside. Their smile is the best gift for us, just like our growth is the proudest thing in their life.








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