Hong Kong-My Second Home! 【香港——我的第二個家】


[Hong Kong-My Second Home!]


Images: Revanth BANALA NITHYANANDAM (Hall 10)

 “You can leave Hong Kong, but it will never leave you!” says Nury Vittachi in Hong Kong: The City of Dreams

Hong Kong is one place that stole my heart in just a few days. I entered Hong Kong 8 months ago, and the life I’ve experienced in Hong Kong is worth sharing and experiencing. Studying in the City University of Hong Kong, I have gained an experience that is of a lifetime.

The hospitability and the friendliness of the local residents of Hong Kong is one important thing that made me feel at home here. For any international student, staying away from home is such a big challenge but this stay has been made easier and comfortable by the amicability of Hong Kong. A right blend of the beauty of nature in the form of green stretches and the urban beauty in the form of a beautiful skyline and tall sky scrapers makes Hong Kong a place that everyone would crave to live in.

In the beginning, although I had a little trouble in getting used to the place and the environment, now when I’ve been accustomed to this place, I feel like living in an urban paradise.  My day starts with me gazing through my window at the beautiful skyline and the world-famous IFC. The night world in Hong Kong is vibrant with lights shining and glimmering on the tall sky reaching buildings and apartments.

Hong Kong attracts many tourists too. Best places to visit in Hong Kong are the Victoria Harbor with breathtaking views of the skyline, Ngong Ping 360-Cable Car Ride, the Victoria Peak, Stanley, Repulse Bay, the Big Buddha, Disneyland and Ocean Park. Busy markets, highly developed malls, street walks filled with tiny shops are some of the sights very common in Hong Kong. One shouldn’t miss the fun in travelling in the flocked MTR trains. All these are just a few things why I like Hong Kong. In fact, the life that I’ve experienced here is worth it.





努雷·维塔奇在《Hong Kong: The City of Dreams》一書中說道:「你可以離開香港,但是她永遠不會離開你。」





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